Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Posts of 2015

As 2015 winds down, thank you to the entire FaithEdTech for reading this blog and contributing to this learning community. I have enjoyed sharing my learning and thoughts with you and I hope they will continue to be beneficial to each of you as we enter the new year.

2015 was a busy year of blogging on FaithEdTech. Here is a review of the top posts, based on the number of page views, for the year, listed in reverse order:

10. Confirmation Bias and Social Media Debate -- a review of a contentious online discussion I had with a prominent baseball writer and the lessons learned from this experience that apply to my online life and my leading of students.

9. So This Happened... -- an example of how my school, Lutheran High School, is impacting the community at large.

8. #ISTE15 Google Docs Log -- shares resources from the annual national conferences and demonstrates how we all can learn at conferences we do not physically attend.

7. 9.9.2015 Links List -- a post that is part of a series of mine where I regularly share articles and resources I find while scanning digital media.

6. Colleague Blog -- sharing the writing of Sandy Pride, a Lutheran school teacher from Indianapolis who is in her last year in her profession. What a great example she is of someone who has continued to learn and grow throughout her years as an educator.

5. 7.20.2015 Links List -- another post in this series.

4. Supporting Schools -- Dates and Times Available -- sharing my commitment to Lutheran schools and the education world at large to support innovative leadership and professional development. Contact me if you are interested in having me work with your school or organization.

3. Apply Reflection Ideas -- don't just talk about reflection. Engage in active reflection with your students and apply what you have learned through the reflective process to your classroom. An example of how this was done is given.

2. Make Yourself Uncomfortable -- perhaps my most important post of the year. This post explores my educational philosophy that good teaching and classroom leadership results from each of us being uncomfortable. How are you making yourself uncomfortable so you continue to learn and grow?

1. Project Based Learning Resources -- a link to resources gathered while planning to support project based learning in schools. The fact that this is the #1 post of the year shows that there are many educators who are seeking to learn more about this model for inquiry.

A 2015 first for me was creating a video about a topic related to an education topic. Check it out below.

What were you're favorite posts or new learning from 2015? Feel free to share your ideas as a comment to this post.

May God bless you and your loved ones with a blessed 2016. Let's keep the learning going in the new year!

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