Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

You have both heard and said the phrase, "Make yourself comfortable." It is a way of helping guests be at ease in your home. We want others to have a relaxing experience when hosting others.

As educators, I would argue that we cannot be at our best when we are fully comfortable -- that the changes in culture, life, and technology preclude us from being truly comfortable in our profession. If we are comfortable, that means that we are in a pattern that serves us, but not necessarily our students. In order to learn and grow ourselves, we need to become at least a little outside our comfort zone. That is a sign that we are leading students properly.

For me, I am a bit uncomfortable about leading two different tracks of our Lights Academy students since some are in their first year and others are in their second year in the program. I am working to navigate what that looks like. I am also challenged by employing more flipped classroom ideas in a Theology classroom and managing that process.

Why am I intentionally uncomfortable? Because I want to serve the students and families under my care to the best of my ability, using the gifts God has given me to serve His Kingdom. I cannot do that if I approach learning exactly the same way I did last year.

How are you making yourself uncomfortable this year?


  1. Great post to consider, Dave- very convicting! Even though I am not a teacher anymore, I believe it still certainly applies throughout all areas of service in a school. It's amazing what happens sometimes when we are stretched outside of our comfort zones, and I find that the way you continue to embrace this personally and apply it in your various roles at LuHi is both inspiring and motivating- thanks for the ways in which you practice what you preach. Blessings brother-

  2. Dave, I agree that when we begin to feel comfortable and settled in what we are doing, we are no longer learning or improving. I have always explained to my students that it is when they are at a state of being uncomfortable that learning really begins. This year I am planing on getting rid of my desk in the classroom. I want to create a space that is more of a community of learning rather than teacher vs student. I have never been the kind of teacher that sits at my desk, but it does create a barrier. It may not seem like much, but it really scares me, However, I feel it is necessary to create the type of classroom I envision. You might be interested in this article. http://www.faithit.com/9-sins-the-church-is-okay-with/
    The author writes about how as Christians we also need to be uncomfortable. Thanks for you a great post!