Sunday, August 30, 2015

Apply Reflection Ideas

This past week we began a new year with Lights Academy, our accelerated project-based personalized learning experience at Lutheran High School. While year one of the Academy was largely successful, there are always things that may be learned from a new experience. That is why I went through an extensive reflective process with last year's students.

In my judgment, reflection is one of the most underutilized processes for learning. When time is short in the classroom, educators often move quickly to the next unit or activity instead of taking proper reflection time to learn and grow.

It is not only important to be reflective about what is happening in the classroom, but applying these ideas is essential. Otherwise this is a wasted activity.

To be transparent about how I am applying students reflections, here are steps I am taking with Academy students at the start of this year that are based on student comments:
  • We are having a full day retreat day for Lights Academy, as suggested by one of my seniors. Our retreat day is Tuesday.
  • Last year's students commented that it would be best to be methodical in implementing different project-based learning ideas. A year ago I shared the entire journey at once, which students found overwhelming. This year we are traveling step-by-step together, and as a result, we are further along in our growth than we were last year at this time.
Take the time to reflect. This is so important in the growth process. But do more than that. Be sure to apply the reflections for true improvement.

What will you do to implement and apply reflective processes in 2015?

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