Monday, April 18, 2016

Recent Project Work From My Students

My Lights Academy students at Lutheran High School have been creating some amazing work with their projects this year. Here are some highlights:

1. Morgan began her project by wanting to research the best strategies for teaching students with Down Syndrome. As she was studying this question she noticed a distinct attitude difference between these students and others in the school were she observed. This video, made together with the technical expertise of Kyle, another Lights Academy student, highlights the positive attitude of students who have more challenges.

It's A Choice from Kyle Venberg on Vimeo.

2. Here are links to another project from Morgan, this time looking at whether manned space travel to Mars is feasible at this time:
  •  Presentation slides (NOTE: We have worked extensively on design principles using the book Presentation Zen as a guide.
  • See the rest of her work on this project, including main ideas and citations, on this page (you will need to scroll down a bit).
3.  Kyle also created a project on The Effects of Public Transportation in Denver. This project has an excellent web design connected with it.

4. Stephanie, who is involved with dance, studied the link between dancers and eating disorders. This is very detailed work that is well-organized and designed.

5. Carrie looked at whether the animals in the Denver Zoo have appropriate care.

6. Cody studied how nuclear weapons have changed the world, and shared the counter-intuitive thought that these weapons may contribute to a more peaceable planet since the consequences of using them are so horrific that nations are very hesitant to actually use the devices. Here is Cody's work:
I will be sharing more student work in future posts.

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  1. Most impressive work, kids! I am visualizing a buzzing classroom atmosphere where time flies and kids are sorry when the class period ends!