Monday, September 15, 2014

Lights Academy -- Information and Updates

A number of blog readers have mentioned that that are following the progress of Lights Academy at Lutheran High School, our intensive personalized learning program. I have not done a good job of keeping folks updated the past few weeks. To that end, here is additional information about the progress of the program.

First Outing

The first major research initiative of the Academy has been to look at a single event, in this case a baseball game at Coors Field in Denver, from a 360 degree perspective. That is, students were challenged to observe and question everything connected with an event and understand the intersection of so many elements of life into this one event. To that end, we traveled downtown for a day to meet with the Vice President of Ballpark Operations for the Colorado Rockies, Kevin Kahn, to visit the National Ballpark Museum, and to meet with Richard Hesse, a regional director for concession operations at Coors Field for Aramark, before enjoying the ballgame that day together.

Students prepared a series of questions for Kevin Kahn in advance -- questions that kept him busy for a full hour.

The National Ballpark Museum was helpful for students who sought to understand the connection between baseball and history.

We also had the opportunity to enjoy the game together and to bond as a group:

An enterprising Lights Academy student even prepared a sign for Giants outfielder Hunter Pence. If you are not sure what this was all about, ask good questions and do the research!

Student-generated research and content related to their 360 degree learning will be posted shortly.

LuHi Happenings Article:

Here is a link to our school student-generated newsletter article about Lights Academy. Perhaps this will give readers a better idea of what Lights Academy is all about.

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