Sunday, August 31, 2014

Classroom Humor -- Copyright

Here is a humorous gem sent from the teacher of my nephew to my sister-in-law:

This week in math I began teaching my students how to use a textbook and a spiral notebook together... BIG CONCEPT FOR 3RD GRADERS... who usually have never had a textbook before.  We learned how to put the heading on the top of our spiral page and we were taking it very slow.  I told students to put their finger on number 1 in the textbook, which looks like this:  13 + 4 + 7 = 27.  Then I told them to write a #1 on the top line of the spiral paper and copy the problem... taking up only one line... I'VE HAD STUDENTS TAKE UP ANYWHERE FROM ONE LINE TO HALF A PAGE IN THE PAST! I tell them to write a T or F for True or False after the problem.  This whole time, I'm modeling the correct procedure on the document camera.  About this time Nicholas raises his hand, and I am thinking "Oh Lord, I've lost him.  I must be going too fast".  When I call on him he says, "Mrs. Moore, Are you sure we aren't going to be breaking the copyright laws by doing this?"

This made my day!  In all my 24 years of teaching, I have never had that question asked!  Hope it makes you smile too!

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