Thursday, November 10, 2016

School PBL Website

From my last post you know that I had the privilege of working with teachers and schools in the New York area last week. What you did not learn in the post is that one of the schools with which I have consulted for nearly two years, St. Timothy's Christian Academy, was also a part of the learning event.

St. Timothy's is using an interesting model for incorporating project based learning (PBL) in their school. Four days a week a regular curriculum is carried out in this school. On the other day, a significant portion of the school hours is dedicated to multi-grade projects.

This school has made amazing progress in applying this model to their educational offerings. To that end, a group of their teachers created a website entitled PBL at St. Timothy's to share what is happening in their school. This site includes project links, lesson plans, PBL strategies and best practices, and student and teacher resources. Contact information is provided so educators may ask questions of these teachers and learn from their experiences.

Here is an example of what is happening in their school:

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