Wednesday, July 06, 2016

7.6.2016 Links List

Here are some links I have compiled over the past several days that may be of interest to educators. Many of these links I identified at the recent ISTE conference in Denver. I am still going through materials and notes from that conference, so another links list may follow shortly. I hope you find something of interest and of us to you as an educator.

Here are today's links:

Constitute -- A site that has complied the texts of most major government constitutions of the world. A very valuable site for government studies.

SafeShare -- Looks to be similar to ViewPure. Both are tools to "clean" YouTube videos so that ads and comments are removed. Great for showing video content in a classroom without worrying about what might pop up.

Pixlr -- Free online tools for editing images.

Google CS First -- Google's introductory tools for learning to code. Based on what I saw at ISTE, look for these offering to expand in the future.

Formative -- A service that provides a variety of tools for formative assessments in classrooms. Since I have long championed formative assessments and have felt that these are underutilized by teachers, I look forward to experimenting with what this site has to offer.

Article: The Future of Learning is Going to Be Empowering (and Scary!) -- This is a really interesting read for anyone connected to education, include parents, school boards, policy makers, etc. Personally, I don't find the future of education to be scary. Rather it is exciting! I am thankful to be alive and serving in education

The Spanish Town That Runs On Twitter --  Fun read about one way social media is being used.

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