Monday, April 11, 2016

Faith Insights -- 4.11.2016

I keep a journal of faith insights that I receive from the Holy Spirit as I study God's Word, usually in the mornings. I got to thinking that there is no reason why I should keep these to myself -- that they might bless someone else in some way. To that end, here are some faith insights I received in my study this morning:

  • Jesus has already won the victory (Revelation 5). The wording here is so celebratory and joyful that one cannot help but look forward to the day when we are together for ever with our God.
  • The only reason we can take a breath is because there is light (connect to the idea that Jesus is THE Light of the world — John 9:5). Actually, this insight came from a weekend sermon, but it caused me to look more deeply at the significant of light for both life and faith.
  • The present time is the day of Christ; now is the time of grace; now He must be about His own and His Father's business. That same spirit must live in the followers of Christ, that must characterize all their efforts for the spread of the Kingdom and all their work in the interest of the kingdom of God. Every bit of time, every ounce of strength should be thrown into this most important work. There should be an urgency for carrying the message of Christ -- an urgency I do not always feel.
What are some faith insights that have filled you recently? Feel free to share them as a comment to this post.

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