Sunday, February 28, 2016

Educator's Humility

When one is in charge of a classroom it is easy to fall into the "it's this way because I said so" mode. After all, we are the ones with the education, the training, and the experience. We are used to leading in "our" classroom.

The longer I teach, however, the less I know and the more I realize that my students have ideas and insights from which we would all benefit. In other words, my educational leadership is so much better when I humbly listen and learn to my students. During this year I have gleaned new ideas about speech evaluations, deeper questioning, off-site visits, and the pace of the work load -- ideas which I have applied to the classroom, and for which I believe our learning together has benefited.

During the week ahead, listen to your students. Learn from them. Hear them out in humility. Learning in your classroom just might be accelerated as a result.

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