Monday, October 05, 2015

Conference Time: Together But Separate (Part Two)

A year ago, I wrote the following post about our Rocky Mountain District Professional Church Workers Conference. In this post I examined our purpose for joining together in a face-to-face setting, wondering whether we were meeting the full potential of this time together. It seemed like we were "together but separate" -- all physically in the same location but still separated in the fact that we interacted with few others outside of our own faculty colleagues.

This week we will gather once more in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, and the conference will look and feel very different than those of the past. While some will welcome this change, it will likely be unsettling for others who have grown accustomed to a certain pattern. However, I am convinced that this year's conference is designed to leverage our physical togetherness in new and exciting ways and I am looking forward to the experience. It is my hope and prayer that we all grow closer to our Lord and to one another in our shared calling as servants in the Rocky Mountain District.

Entitled Creating Courageous New Communities in the Digital Age, the conference has the following objectives for educators:
  • Experience community.
  • Build courage in our callings.
  • Engage in challenging professional development.
  • Identify the changes, challenges, and opportunities of the digital age.
  • Consider the role of community in great leading and teaching.
  • Learn to leverage technology in our ministry settings.
  • Collaborate as a community for the good of the kingdom.
  • Be strengthened with the truths of God’s Word
Follow the progress of our growth and conversations through the #RMDCourage hashtag on Twitter. Join us as we wrestle with both the challenges and the many opportunities of the educational ministry in this digital age. May God be glorified through our time together this week!

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