Friday, May 29, 2015

My Summer Learning and Growth

Today marks the first full day that I have no school responsibilities. For me that means that I am anxious to start working on my summer list of new learning and growth. This list is rather eclectic and covers a wide variety of professional and personal interests. For the sake of transparency, here is my list. We will see in August how I have done with this list.
  • More detailed Bible study and spiritual reading throughout the summer days. I am already reading the book of Daniel and studying some of Martin Luther's sermons.
  • Look at the possibility of logo-branded shirts for my Lights Academy students.
  • Writing an essay for a book that will contain a series of essays on faith and technology.
  • Create modules for a leadership academy for present and future Lutheran school leaders.
  • Read A More Beautiful Question, The Real-Life MBA, and Mr. Wrigley's Ball Club.
  • Examine iBooks Author as a tool for creating some deliverables for Lutheran school educators and other teachers.
  • Try Minecraft. I need to see what all the fuss is about for students!
  • Plan out the differences between Year One and Year Two for Lights Academy.
  • Look at new and emerging tools (I have quite a list!).
  • Think about what a foundation that supports innovative Lutheran educational ministries could look like. 
  • Work on some tangible examples of how the personality characteristics of our school can be carried out.
  • Get an even better handle on family finances.
  • Go to the ballpark as often as possible.
What's on your list? How do you intend to grow over the summer? What are the best ways for you to re-charge? Feel free to share your thoughts so we can continue to learn and grow together.

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