Friday, April 17, 2015

Flipped Classroom and Video Annotation Tools

I have been playing with some new technology tools that can support flipped classrooms or flipped lessons. Essentially these tools take video content and allow teachers to embed activities over the videos, stopping the video at a certain location for a question or activity. One is called EdPuzzle, but I don't have any example for this yet. The other is called Zaption. I just created a simple "tour" with Zaption so you can see how it works. I only used one tool with the video, which is a questioning tool. Below is a link to the tour a created. You can test it out here:

The service provides many more ways to share video content and engage students in learning activities within videos. I am still playing and researching other uses. If you have ideas for usage, be sure to share them as well so we can all share them as well.

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