Monday, December 22, 2014

Digital Productivity and Authentic Audiences

John Zilm, my colleague at Lutheran High School, teaches a freshman course called Digital Productivity. For a final project, students worked collaboratively to pull together resources which teachers may find useful for their particular subject areas. Here is the link to the instructions for the project:

Digital Productivity Final Project Instructions -- 2015

Mr. Zilm gave students extra credit if they presented their content for the appropriate subject area teacher. Therefore, a student shared their Theology content with me. There were two resources on this page of which I was not fully aware.

As I thought more about this project, this seems like a great opportunity for students to share work with an authentic audience. As we know, most student work is collected, read, and evaluated only by a teacher. However, there is so much our students create that has value to others. To that end, I asked Mr. Zilm for permission to share all the student work from this project with readers of this blog. Perhaps you will find some resources that will support you in your word as educators.

If you do find something helpful, would you be so kind as to leave a comment to this post, explaining what you found and why it was helpful. I would love for Mr. Zilm's students to see that they are capable of creating work that has meaning for others.

Here is a link to the wiki page where all the projects are collected:

LHS Digital Productivity 2014

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