Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Have the Playbook!

For a football team, a playbook is sacred. If that playbook falls into the wrong hands, the opposition know how to exploit the weaknesses of the other team. A playbook gives insight into the priorities, strategies, and tactics of their counterpart. Possession of an opponent's playbook provides the opportunity to limit their effectiveness.

In my Theology classes we have been working through the concepts of original sin and actual sin, using Genesis 3 as the focus for our study. Of course, this chapter shares the fall of humans into sin -- a dark and disturbing story in human history.

What is interesting about this account is that while sin came into the world, the playbook of Satan was revealed in the conversation between the serpent and Eve. Here are some of the "plays" used by Satan to lead humans astray:
  • Do it -- you will be like God!
  • Outright lies
  • Half truths ("Your eyes will be opened." Boy were they ever, but not in the way Eve expected!)
  • "Did God really say?"
  • Questioning God's goodness
  • God did not tell you the whole story
God has provided us Satan's playbook through His Word. While we live under the curse of both original sin and actual sin, He has provided us with an understanding of how the enemy operates, and gives us the Holy Spirit to support our defense against Satan's wiles. While we still succumb to temptation, we have been given this playbook to see that Satan is the great deceiver and that his power is ultimately limited through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

So take heart Christians! God as conquered Satan! After all, He has given us his playbook. The mysteries have been revealed, and they cannot stand against the Word of God!

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