Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sixteen Cities and the Ten Words Every Christian Should Know

This is Spiritual Emphasis Week at Lutheran High School -- a special week that is set aside to focus on God and His love for us more deeply and intentionally. Leading us this week is the Christian band/worship leaders Sixteen Cities. This is a week to which we really look forward at the high school, and I have been both impressed with and blessed by the deep insights and personal applications shared by band members with our school community about the story of Jonah.

Because our school welcomes students with a wide variety of faith backgrounds we sometimes struggle with the disparity of faith understanding of students. In order to help our students find common faith ground we have instituted a word study throughout our school known as the Ten Words Every Christian Should Know. Shared with us by teachers at Orange Lutheran High School, these words give our students a common vocabulary in discussing faith issues while helping ground them in an understanding of sound theology.

The first four words of our study are Original Sin, Actual Sin, Law, and Gospel, and our guests have done an excellent job in soundly grounding their talks in these words, even though they did not know in advance that this is what we are studying in my Theology classes. I have been particularly pleased as to how the key themes of rebellion, grace, and forgiveness (Law and Gospel) found in Jonah have been clearly shared with students. Their reinforcement of these key faith teachings shows how the Holy Spirit has been active and alive this week at Lutheran High School.

Thanks be to God for the work of Sixteen Cities among us this week.

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