Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Re-Thinking and Re-Branding

Looking at this blog, I have not posted since December. Yet there is so much on my mind that I have wanted to share. Today I finally invested time into re-thinking and re-branding this blog just a bit so that it better serves the mission I have in mind.

After playing with some WordPress tools, I came to the conclusion that Blogger still serves my basic needs for sharing and collaborating. In addition, the price is what we in Lutheran education all love -- FREE! To that end, I edited the site somewhat -- edits that include a name and address change.

You will notice that the site was previously located at, but I have changed it to Why the change? Because I believe that the new name better reflects what is important in my life and service to schools and students. First, faith in Christ as Savior is the essential priority of life since this is of eternal significance. In addition, my first priority as an educator is to do all I can to lead students and families to Christ. Education is the next essential, helping connect students to Christ and His world through learning and growth. Technology, which had been a greater priority in my previous blog name, only is important when it serves faith and education. It is not the master in itself. Hence, FaithEdTech -- a reflection of what is most important to me as I serve.

Count on more regular updates to the blog. Count on me seeking to stir up genuine conversation about how we best serve those children and families in our care. Count on being introduced to new tools and ideas. Count on being better informed and engaged in re-shaping education. I look forward to your comments and participation.

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