Thursday, August 01, 2013

Recently Reviewed Links and Services

Here are a few links to digital tools and services that I have reviewed or re-visited over the past several weeks. Perhaps you will find something in this list that is helpful to you:
  • I am interested in using iFakeText in the coming year to invent (or have students invent) imagined text message conversations between historic figures, Bible characters, etc. It may also be used as a digital citizenship activity since imagined text conversations such as these could be seen as real conversations due to the accuracy of the graphics on this site.
  • TodaysMeet and CoveritLive are two backchannel tools for use in the classroom and at events. The first is a free tool with few advanced features while the second is much more full-featured but also uses a subscription model.
  • Use this online stopwatch to count time timed classroom events in an engaging manner.
  • Meograph is an advanced online multimedia service which allows users to create interactive storytelling content incorporating, text, images, voice, and video. Teachers can create flipped classroom content, will students may use the service for presentations and for assessment options.
  • One final site without a distinct educational connection: Check out Interfacelift to find high resolution royalty-free images for computer and mobile device backgrounds and desktops. Spruce up your digital workspaces today!

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