Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Must See Comment: Pinterest Board for Education

Below is a comment added from Julie Faulkner, the creator of some excellent Pinterest boards for education, as shared in this previous blog post. I wanted to make sure everyone saw her comment for she truly seeks to support educators through her work.

Thank you Dave! You know I’m zealous about anything that supports meaningful and relevant learning with technology in education!

Creating and maintaining the Pinterest boards was something I thought would be a 'simple, yet very practical' approach to enlarging and enriching the Personal Learning Network/Environment (PLN/E) of fellow Lutheran Educators. The results have been astonishing, far beyond what I had expected!

Educators are using this outlet as a PLN/E as a ‘real-world’ opportunity to follow & connect, literally expanding their circle of colleagues….and not only with Lutheran teachers! The development of relationships beyond our classroom and school walls is especially important for teachers who are insistent on continually searching for new ideas and experiences for their classrooms.

The rate of experimental modes of learning, changing pedagogy and instructional methods that we saw at ISTE 2013 was an example of the necessity of a PLN/E for the 21st Century Teacher.

It is my objective that many follow me on Pinterest, add their own Pins and follow others who are in those boards creating connections world-wide.

Thanks again!

Please join Julie in helping build this community of learning.

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