Monday, July 08, 2013

eTale and Innovative Education

Those of you who are interested in innovative approaches to education and in helping Lutheran education move beyond the traditional to the possible will want to regularly review posts on the Etale blog. Created by Dr. Bernard Bull of Concordia University Wisconsin, this blog regularly explores alternative education practices and models. Some recent posts and topics include:
I am becoming a regular commenter at this site, and I encourage you to join the conversation here as well. Let's together find ways to help Lutheran education be seen as innovative and relevant!

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  1. Yes Dave,

    I strongly endorse your suggestion to follow and comment on eTale. Bernard is one of the most profound bloggers on technology in education that I know. His blogs are so well done that one hesitates to comment and only to read. How he finds the time to do this so well is overwhelming to consider. Thanks