Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cheerleader for Lutheran Education

At the recent International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio, Adam Bellow provided a rousing conclusion to the week's festivities with his closing keynote address. See below:

Clearly Bellow is at his best as a cheerleader and encourager of educators and educational change.

Which got me thinking, who are our "go to" cheerleaders for Lutheran education? Who are the ones who actively support, encourage, connect, and challenge us to approach our work for the Lord with joy and awe? Who are the ones that help us remember the blessing that we have teaching in a Lutheran school even amidst vision, enrollment, and budgetary challenges?

I am nowhere near the inspirational speaker that Bellow is, but I do want to be one that supports, encourages, and challenges those of us in Lutheran schools to continue to fulfill our shared mission of bringing Christ to students and families through our educational ministry. That is one of the purposes of this blog, and a key reason for making these posts a larger priority in my day and week.

How can I better serve to encourage and challenge each of my colleagues throughout the Lutheran system? Please let me know if there are tangible ways I can better support and uplift you in the important work you do every day on behalf of children and families.

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