Thursday, January 05, 2012

Why My Children Attend Lutheran Schools

This Friday night we experienced something that was a first for me as a teacher, although I know many educators have experienced this heartache as well. One of our 2008 graduates of Shepherd of the Hills, and a classmate of my oldest daughter, died in a car accident. While I had not spoken with this girl or her family for quite some time, the tragedy still is very personal for me and my family.

There are many lessons that arise from tragedy -- lessons about the importance of love and family, reminders about the fragility of life, and reminders of the potential magnitude of every interaction and decision. The most significant reminder, of course, is that faith in Jesus is essential for when each of us reaches the point of death -- a point that may come suddenly at any time. It is for that reason I am thankful that this girl, as well as my own children, have attended Lutheran schools.

Will attendance at Lutheran school guarantee safe passage to eternal life through faith? Of course not. Satan continues to turn our sinful world away from God. However, this death is a reminder for me of why I want my children attending Lutheran schools, both Lutheran High School and Shepherd of the Hills. I want my children to hear about Jesus EVERY DAY in personal ways. I want my children to have EVERY opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work faith in their lives. In other words, I want my children to know as fully and completely as possible the love of Jesus and the amazing riches of eternity that God has waiting for them.

There are some who believe that their children should experience the "real world" outside of a Christian education -- that they can only be prepared to face that "real world" while experiencing it as a youth. Not me. The real world exists in Lutheran schools just as much as it does in other educational settings because of the corruption of sin in this entire world, and the presence of our Savior through prayer, study, and conversations in Lutheran schools that serve to teach our children how to better love, follow, and serve Jesus, is a treasure.

I am so very thankful that my former student knew her Lord, and I am thankful for Lutheran schools, where the eternal truths about our Savior continue to be taught throughout each school day. Why wouldn't I want that for my children!


  1. AMEN! May we use this (with appropriate credit, of course) in our church newsletter, website, and/or bulletin? Especially in the current economic times we seem to always be defending the existence of Lutheran schools. While there are positive aspects to this, your post puts things into perspective quite nicely and I think it would be very helpful in our congregation. Thanks for your consideration!

  2. David, Thank you for sharing from you heart. Our schools do make a difference in the lives of the children we serve and thier families. Thank you for all you do!

  3. Larry:

    Feel free to use the post or a part of the post if you feel it would make a positive difference on behalf of Lutheran education. I am thankful that you feel there is merit to the post.

  4. You got to the "bottom line" very nicely, Dave. This is why we all do what we do. My prayers go with the family of this child of God, now home with her Savior where she can never be hurt again. May He sustain you all.

  5. Tom Wrege5:51 PM

    Powerful, David. You are touching many hearts your words on how the spirit is working mightily within our Lutheran schools. To God be the glory!