Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christian Leadership Implications

Take a look at the video below. This video was shared this past weekend at the Lutheran Education Association administrators conference. It is interesting how a business has created content, that while originally intended for their employees, has some significant implications for Christian leadership.

Share this video with your students. Ask them what they think it means. What should our response be as Christians? How does this reminder better live out our calling as Christians? Feel free to add to this list of questions and responses that might engage our students as we seek to help them live out their faith in new ways.


  1. We watched it at staff meeting last night. It was ironic, because just that afternoon, another colleague and I were discussing some shared students who are finding this year (first year middle school) to be particularly challenging and the things we are aware of that are going on in their lives.

  2. Thanks for posting! I hoping to use that for an upcoming in-service.