Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers and Students

During the last month of the school year I challenged by Lights Academy students at Lutheran High School with a collaborative project. I often receive requests from teachers and schools for help with digital citizenship ideas and resources. Often educators who did not grow up with digital technologies feel insecure about helping and guiding students and colleagues in appropriate use of digital tools for learning.

My Lights Academy students embraced the challenge of identifying and sharing digital citizenship resources for teachers and students. They created a Digital Citizenship Resources wiki to share their findings. Articles, videos, infographics, and other content is categorized for four different age groups: Early Childhood through 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade, and High School. It is hoped that educators will find this content useful as they navigate this digital age with their students.

Please feel free to peruse the Digital Citizenship Resources site to learn more about managing an effective online presence for both educators and classroom learners.

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