Friday, May 27, 2016

View Lights Academy Capstone Project Presentations

On Sunday May 15th, Lutheran High School hosted our first Senior Capstone Project Presentation Night for Lights Academy students. In case you do not know, Lights Academy is our accelerated project-based learning experience where students have the opportunity to pursue interests and passions in rich and meaningful ways. Each of my four seniors in this program completed deep research on a topic of their choice and presented their findings to our school community. I am very proud of each of these students for the quality of their research. In addition, each of these students will always hold a special place of respect from me as they were the first students to complete two years of Lights Academy work.

Here are the presentations:

Noah: Military technologies and their application to civilian life in the past, present, and future.
Cayley: What makes Fortune 500 companies successful and how can any business learn from these principles.
Tanner: The Currency of Food: What is needed for our society to truly make a difference in fighting hunger in our communities.
Nathan: How professional baseball teams can win both on the field and financially.

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