Monday, November 30, 2015

PBL in Practice: One School's Journey

I have been working with a school in California (St. Timothy's Lutheran School) for several months as they have embarked on a journey with project based learning (PBL) in their building. The school contains preschool through 5th grade classes. What they have implemented is a fairly unique model for applying PBL principles. They run standard classrooms four days a week but a fifth day is primarily made up of multi-grade project based activities.

As with any new approach there are going to be both successes and challenges, but the school is really learning a lot about best PBL practices along the way.  They have created several videos to show off their progress. You may view these videos below:

I am VERY proud of the teachers at St. Timothy's Lutheran School for the way they have embraced project based learning within their school. While their early efforts are more teacher-directed, the projects are becoming more student-centric all the time, and the learning that is taking place is expanding exponentially.

Well done St. Timothy's! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey as a school.

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