Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Resources Created at #RMDCourage

In my last post I shared some reflections on our recent LCMS Rocky Mountain District Professional Church Workers Conference -- a conference that was very different from our past experiences. This gathering was a wonderful experience for many reasons and can serve as a model for other district conferences.

Within this conference there was an entirely unique element that I have never experienced in either church-related or secular conferences. Participants were encouraged to not only receive and be fed but also to share, create, and give back. Each table group at the conference spent nearly two hours building a resource that would have value to someone else. Some created songs. Others set up social media sites. Groups published curricular lessons and activities. Each table had something tangible to share.

You, are readers of this blog, may benefit from the work of my colleagues at this conference. A website was created to house and share all these resources. Simply click on the link below to review these published resources. It is my hope and prayer that you will be blessed in some way by the work of teachers in our district.

Here is the link to these resources:

Resources Created By Rocky Mountain District Educators

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