Monday, September 28, 2015

Facebook and Envy

If you know me you know that I enjoy using social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. I enjoy catching up with those who have made an impact on my life and connecting with new folks. While a lot has been written about the dark side of social media, I tend to view these interactions as a positive -- an enhancement of my life and work.

The one area of concern I have with social media is the tendency (which I have) to rate my life against the life of others through posts. I have to guard against envy setting in, which leads to dissatisfaction of my own circumstances.

In thinking about this, I made the following post on Facebook this morning -- a post that seemed to have a great deal of resonance with my followers. I share the post here as well. Perhaps this will be valuable to you.

I enjoy being on Facebook and sharing and connecting with all of you. But I do think that the danger of Facebook is that it does open the door for each of us to become dissatisfied with our own lives by seeing the lives lived by others. Just remember that we are all broken by sin and there is a lot of heartache behind the posts of people. I pray that all of us will experience the graciousness of God in even more tangible ways and that we will continue to be drawn to Him.


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