Thursday, April 30, 2015

Student Contest -- PLEASE VOTE

Students in Lights Academy at Lutheran High School were challenged with the following scenario: A fictional donor wants to provide a $10 million grant for a plan of action that would serve the needs of a large number of people in project/plan that is sustainable over time. The grantor wants to have confidence that their money is going to be used well for these goals.

Below you will see a text explanation for each of three submissions, as well as the video that was created to promote their project to the grantor.  The Lights Academy students would then like you to vote for the project you feel would be the best use of the grantor's money, and please leave an explanation and/or critique of why you voted the way that you did. You will find a link to a Google form at the beginning or end of this post for you to record your vote.

Voting ends May 10, 2015. Thank you in advance for your help and support.



In Madagascar, high numbers of people live in poverty, lacking good medical care and vaccinations. A good way to provide for these people would be to provide them with vaccines to extend their lifespan and give them hope, and wish to do better for their country. With the 10 million dollars provided, 3 million will be sent directly to the project by purchasing refrigeration units that are solar powered. These will be distributed in government built clinics throughout the nation. With the remaining 7 million, the investor will be able to invest that in their choice of growth stock mutual funds. Growth stock mutual funds average 10-12%, and in bad markets as low as 5%, and in good markets as high as 15%. The nice thing is that if the stock market ever crashes, they will be invested in good companies so that the principal never goes down. With the 10-12% interest earned per year, plus public funding, we will send over vaccines so that they are not left with empty refrigeration units. If you missed the numbers listed in the video, I will provide them below. Thank you for considering our proposal.

3,000,000 for refrigeration units
An average price of 7000 to purchase the units.
That is 428 facilities served

7,000,000 for savings in vaccines
840,000 from interest per year
30 dollar average vaccine cost
We would be able to buy roughly 28000 vaccines per year.

That would be 65 vaccines per facility per year.


This is an organization where we want to give back to the community while providing a fun opportunity for people of all ages to gather around helping charities. This organization can be built upon each and every year. Giving back to charity is something we all want to do, and with this organization getting this funding we can do that. We can not only help charities, but we can help Americans have fun and through the money we will be able to give back to their communities.

50 individual employees roam around their respective state within the United States dressed as a lightning bolt, they are volunteers working for a better cause. You can check on the website to see if the lightning bolt of your respective state has been found or is still roaming around. The first person in each state to identify their lightning bolt will win the competition and be granted $10,000 dollars.

Each person participating in the event will pay a small fee of $5 on the website and will be shipped a wooden coin with a QR Barcode that links to the homepage. On the other side of the coin there will be a flag of your respective state. There will be a thermometer that shows the amount raised towards the good of others. If they find the lightning bolt in their respective state, they give their coin to the lightning bolt as he gives them the “Lightning Bolt” ticket with a QR Barcode that has a link to the winner page for a once redeemable prize of $10,000.

After an application process, 5 charity organizations will be selected to be on the voting board for that respective year determined by majority vote. Each year during the month of January, individuals can vote on what the revenue of the event will be directed towards. The percentage of votes will have the percentage of money granted towards their organization.

If a Cancer program is vote by 55% of the nation, 55% of all of the proceeds is granted to that Cancer program. If a small organization for helping the hungry only receives 5% they are still granted 5% of the all of the proceeds. Inevitably all proceeds goes out to the voted organizations. 

All revenue of the $5 initial payment goes towards the charity chosen by the people. The 10 million dollar grant will be used to sustain the event for an annual prize to each winner. The price each year for this event in total is $500,000 thus allowing the event to be a national event every year for 200 years.

Clues will be revealed on the mobile app and website each day. Extra clues can be purchased for an additional $5 per clue per day. This app and website will allow for more clues to be purchased and the money raised from these extra clues will also go into the donations for charity. The 10 million dollars will be used to help fund this annual event and this money will be impacting lives for years to go. 


Rocky Mountain Kickball Complex is a non-profit organization that helps to raise money for various charities. Kickball tournaments are held 8 times a year where teams pay an entry fee to participate, and all fees are donated into a “pot.” The winning team then chooses to donate the pot to a charity of their choice. The team selects their charity nomination when they enter the tournament, and can include anything from veteran’s aid to local food banks to the American Cancer Society. The $10 million dollar grant will be used almost exclusively to build the facility, as the complex itself will require minimal upkeep and short-term maintenance. The fields will be built on donated land and will also serve to double as softball and youth baseball fields. The RMKC will have the potential to rent out the facility to these teams, and money made from renting out the fields will easily be enough to sustain the fields. We chose artificial turf for the entire playing surface, save for the warning tracks for safety purposes, because it is very durable and doesn't require long term maintenance like a standard grass and dirt baseball field would. The turf comes with a 20 year warranty so we knew that turf would be the best way to make the grant money be sustainable and have a lasting impact on the community. In addition, a net is placed over the bleacher area so that fans remain safe from foul balls coming from another field. There are three fields that are usable for kickball, softball, and youth leagues, as well as an open grass field in the southwest corner. Free firework shows are held at the RMKC on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends as well as on July 4th to create an emotional connection with the community. We believe that this is the best way to impact the most people with the money the because the construction of the fields will immediately have a positive effect on everyone in the community and it will also help generate money for charities so the effects of the RMKC will be felt around the world. The RMKC also will be sustainable enough that no further money will be needed to put into the facility in order to keep it running.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of our costs:
Total Turf: $1,230,000 (saving another $1,230,000 for the next 40 years once it need replacing)
Total Lights: $500,000
Fencing: $2,675,000
Bleachers: $27,250
Benches and Dugout: $8250
Concession Stand and Bathrooms: 1,800,000
Sets of bases: $555
Home plates: $285
Pitcher’s plates: $65
Scoreboards: $13,500
Backstop net: $3000
Top net: $7500
Foul poles: $2800
Total Construction Cost: $6,268,205 (7,498,205)

This isn’t quite $10 million obviously, but we are allowing you as the donor to retain control of the remaining $3,731,795, only under the condition that we can replace the turf in 20 years. This way, there will always be a “safety net” to ensure that the park remains in operation.


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