Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lights Academy -- Poverty Project

During the third quarter of the year, my Lights Academy students, our accelerated, personalized, and project-based learning academy at Lutheran High School, worked with a group to identify a topic they wanted to explore, complete deep research on this topic, and provide recommendations on how this issue should be addressed.

The first group I am highlighting took on the very broad topic of poverty. Here is a link to their project report and an embedded copy of the video they created on their topic:


These students completed excellent research, and hopefully you noted their recommendations for the future as well. One element that would be a step up for Lights Academy work for next year would be to find ways to share their work authentic audiences and to take the next step in carrying out some of their recommendations so they can make a greater positive impact for our community and world.

Feel free to comment on the work of the students so that they might continue to learn and grow in their learning efforts.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Nicely done video. With projects as with papers, I always like to see students cite sources. When sources are clearly cited, it is easier for the reader (watcher) to fact check and check for any bias in the research. As a reader, sources help me dig deeper into the understanding of the research that was used to come to conclusions.