Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Inquiry-Based Learning and Faith Development

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues talked to me about some of the strategies that we use in our Lights Academy program to ask good questions as the basis for conducting solid research and inquiry. Since his focus is preparing our seniors to live a life of faith beyond high school, this teacher created a Lights Academy-style project to help the class better understand what is needed to carry and live their faith beyond high school.

Listed below are links to two of the final project materials, both created using Weebly, which has proven to be a visually effective and versatile website create tool. You will notice several strategies that are used in Lights Academy which are applied to an activity connected to the Christian faith. These strategies include:
  • Use of a driving question
  • Use of a number of auxiliary questions that relate to the driving question
  • Identification of an entry event to spur interest in the project
  • Use of interviews and connections with experts
  • Creating an end product that may be shared with authentic audiences and not just the classroom teacher
Here are the links to the two projects posted online. Enjoy!

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