Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Other Education-Based Twitter Chats

I enjoy the #LuthEd Twitter chats every Monday night at 9 PM. It is great connecting with colleagues in the Lutheran education system as we discuss how to better serve our students and families. But this evening I participated in a Twitter chat that really opened my eyes to the value of connecting with other educators outside of the Lutheran system.

My daughter was driving me home late this afternoon and I happened to open the Twitter app on my phone. I noticed that some people I follow were starting a chat using the hashtag #EdTechBridge. I followed along with the conversation and become engrossed in the discussion since the topic of the chat was project based learning -- something of great interest to me. I followed the conversation intently, learned a great deal, and made a number of new connections with other educators as a result.

As Lutheran educators we tend to be wary of teachers outside the Lutheran system, but the reality is that there is so much we can learn from them. The chat was a wonderful experience! Even though we might teach in different realms, we all care about our students and we all want to do a better job of preparing them for their future. So we might not all have the same theology, but we all have the care for our students in common.

While I encourage all Lutheran educators to participate in the #LuthEd chats, I also encourage everyone to branch out and connect with so many others who care about their students and learning. Below is a link to information on many other education-based chats that are held on Twitter on a regular basis. Let the learning continue! Join and participate!

Education Chats

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