Friday, January 09, 2015

Serendipitous Discussions

I have really enjoyed our Lights Academy sessions this week. The culture of the Academy is getting to be such that random yet meaningful conversations are emerging amidst the work time. For instance, as students have been collaborating on a project for the third quarter, conversations on the following topics emerged:
  • ISIS and the shootings in Paris
  • Whether the recent drop in gas prices is good or bad for the world
  • Russia's heavy reliance on the oil industry and what this bodes for their future
  • Inequity in the U.S.
  • Whether blood remains red throughout its journey through the body -- a conversation inspired by this video:
What I love about this is that we are at the point where the learning taking place is not just from the "work" of the Academy, but it is also coming from the relationships and conversations that have emerged. It really gratifying to listen as students move from one topic to the next as a part of their natural patterns of conversation, breaking down what is happening in our nation and world. These students are going to be well prepared for their future because they can converse on such a wide variety of topics. It has been impressive to watch.

Well done Lights Academy students!

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