Saturday, January 03, 2015

Honoring All Gifts

I came across this article this morning, posted by someone in my personal learning network on Twitter.

We're way too obsessed with pushing science and math on our kids

What struck me about the article is that it highlights a key reason why I feel so strongly about the Lights Academy model we are using for personalized learning at Lutheran High School. I feel strongly that we should find innovative ways to honor the unique gifts and talents God has given EACH student -- science kids, arts kids, ministry kids, etc. To that end, I have no problem having STEM academies that connect with the gifts of those students, but we better be providing rich arts offerings as well, along with working to build on the God-given talents of each student. The Lights Academy model is flexible enough so that each student may follow lines of research and inquiry of which they are most passionate, whether it is in math and science or some other aptitude.

What do you think? Is our society placing too much emphasis on science and math with students?

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