Friday, November 21, 2014

Values and Expectations

Our class welcomed Todd Sievers from United Launch Alliance today to talk about rockets and the aerospace industry. It was an excellent session for our students, getting them to think not only about what goes on in this industry, but also how many skills outside of science aptitudes (legal, business, marketing, etc.) are needed for a company such as this to be successful.

One point of emphasis from both Mr. Sievers as well as with the speakers early this week from Republic Financial was the focus on shared values and aptitudes that are necessary for success in the business world. Mr. Sievers provided the following list of employee attributes that are expected at United Launch Alliance -- aptitudes that are a part of their formal employee review process. These aptitudes include:
  • Model the way
  • Unite the team
  • Invest in others
  • Deliver results
  • Shape the future
The fact that this topic has come up in work with students twice during the past week got me thinking about the role of values and expectations in Lutheran education. Are there clearly communicated shared values that all who work in your school are expected to possess? Are teachers reviewed based in part on these values? Do they have the ability to communicate these shared values to each other and others in your community. Are the expectations for worker demeanor connected directly to these values?

It is easy to say that our values in Lutheran schools are to be Christ-like or to focus on Jesus, but what exactly does that look like in each individual setting? How are those values effectively and practically carried out?

What can we learn from the business world -- from places like  Republic Financial and United Launch Alliance -- that can help us better communicate the importance of a Christian education and focus on what is most important in our schools? What values might our classrooms embrace that connect with these ideas as well?

Values and expectations are important, but they MUST be connected to our faith values in Lutheran schools. What an opportunity we have to share not just a positive message to our communities, but a SAVING message!

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