Friday, November 28, 2014

Two Project Examples

As regular readers of this blog know, the Lights Academy program I lead at Lutheran High School embracing project based learning as a key component of the educational experiences. To this point I have not shared much student work from this program. I have been remiss in doing so. To that end, here are two recent projects of students. Any productive comments you have about the work will be shared with the two students.

LHS PARKING: An analysis of our current parking situation at the high school, a look at some of the safety concern, and a study of other school parking lots. The project concludes with recommendations and a look at the costs involved with extending the existing school lot and/or building another drive to the school.

NINE ODD FACTS ABOUT DENVER LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL: Four years ago the site of Denver Lutheran High School closed as a result of a merger that led to the formation of the existing Lutheran High School. One of our students wanted to do what he could to keep the memory of this school alive. His research led to the creation of this site, designed to honor the heritage and memory of the school.

Each student was asked to find a problem to solve through their work and research, and here are the results from two projects. Lights Academy students continue to grow in their use of the project based approach to learning. They are finding ways to serve others through this process.

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