Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lights Academy Values

Over the past two weeks I have realized that perhaps I have not done as good a job of identifying and communicating the values of Lights Academy, our personalized, project-based learning environment at Lutheran High School, as I could have. While I have expressed values repeatedly in my work with students, I have not done as much as I could to formalize these values and share them with the larger community.

To that end, here is my first draft of formalizing values for our program. Feel free to share with my any ideas, positive or negative, about what you see here:


Faith — Life, work, and research are studied from a perspective of a Christian world view, analyzing who we are in Christ and how the gifts He has given us may be used in His Kingdom.

Responsibility — A personalized learning experience requires students to take responsibility not only for their own work and communication but also to support other Academy members in these endeavors.

Excellence -- All work and activities set a standard of excellence to honor our Lord and the gifts He has given each of us.

Relevance — Lights Academy students embrace learning challenges that have both relevance for their future work and/or for the community at large.

Fun — Academy members find joy in exploring this world and create an environment where hard work to accomplish academic goals exists along side the enjoyment of working together in a less-structured atmosphere.  

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