Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lights Academy Trip: Republic Financial

Earlier this week our Lights Academy students at Lutheran High School were invited to the offices of Republic Financial to learn more about the business world and, specifically, the work of Republic. The students were treated to wonderful hospitality from the folks at Republic, enjoying a burrito bar and partaking of their meal in the the corporate boardroom before learning more about this diverse company.

We work to get our students off campus and into businesses and other organizations whenever possible to view life and work in person. It was an enjoyable and informative afternoon for students, all made possible through the generosity of the folks from Republic.

The students first heard from Bob Possehl, president of the company. He provided an overview of the work of the company, sharing the extensive set of corporate values under which Republic operates in the process. After Mr. Possehl set the tone for the afternoon, various other members of the Republic staff shared elements of the business, challenging students to think like a member of their decision-making team in analyzing the benefits of typical opportunities for the company.

Here is some of the wisdom and advice shared by the staff at Republic:
  • Effectively communicated shared values are important to guide all aspects of a company's work.
  • The key of marketing is word of mouth and happy customers.
  • Partnerships and joint venture opportunities might facilitate a greater impact for your company. Be on the lookout for the right opportunities.
  • A lot of times we think of being entrepreneurial as going out on one's own and taking a personal risk to form their own company. However, one can still work within a company and be entrepreneurial. There are many ways to do this within the right corporation.
  • An effective employee not only has the proper skill set but also fits the culture of the company.
Thank you to Republic Financial for giving of their valuable time to support the work and goals of Lights Academy.

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