Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reflections on #PCWC14

As I type this I am preparing to leave Michigan to head home after a wonderful experience at #PCWC, the professional church workers conference of the Michigan District. After three days in Michigan, here are a few take aways:
  • Michigan in the fall is beautiful -- if it is not raining or drizzling.
  • I love connecting with other Lutheran educators and supporting the efforts not just of my own school but teachers and schools at large. That is just who I am, and that was reinforced over the past few days.
  • It is not enough just to tell teachers to integrate technology for the good of student learning. Providing specific frameworks to support this goal is essential for many. A framework helps educators carry out this task in tangible ways.
  • Since I had a day to learn and grow myself before I led sessions today, it would have been easy for me to try to attend every session. I am finding that attending every other session works for me. I learn more through learning from good leaders but also from reflection time to help those lessons sink in more fully and to engage in essential conversations with colleagues about how to apply this knowledge.
  • My PLN (personal learning network) is my digital connection to other leaders and educators, but the PLN becomes solidified further when seeing folks face-to-face. Thanks to Bernard Bull, Dan Burk, Wendy Grieve, Nicki Drinane, Rich Schumacher, Jill Seaver, Aaron Rhode, Jonathan Bolt, Heather Haller, and many others for the excellent face-to-face conversations over the past few days.
Next up for me is the LSA Conference in New York. I look forward to connecting with many other educators there as we seek to better serve our Lord together through the challenging work of education.

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  1. Well done, Dave! Blessed to have you as a part of our community, and that you are able to share your gifts with others. Your passion and servant heart are an awesome combo.