Saturday, September 27, 2014

Do Students Understand Problems That Can Be Solved?

I love using the online service Padlet for collaborative brainstorming with students. Padlet serves as a digital canvas for sharing and capturing ideas. I use the sight frequently in our work with Lights Academy students at Lutheran High School.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have noted that our students are working on problem solving at the moment. Each of them have been challenged to identify a problem that needs to be solved for someone else and to create solution(s) for that problem.

At first it was a challenge to prompt students to think broadly about problems that they see that need to be solved. Then we used Padlet to capture thoughts about problems in various realms of life. The two links shared below are Padlet files of their thoughts:
What do you think? Do Lights Academy students have a better understanding of the various problems there are to solve in this world? Are there problems about which you are curious? What would happen instead of talking about curriculum we would instead talk about problems that are waiting to be solved? How would that change education?

One sign of the fact we live in a fallen world of sin is that we have problems to solve. I believe, however, that God has gifted our students with unique talents and abilities that enable them to solve these problems and even find them to be interesting. Let's empower our students to honor their God-given gifts in this way!

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