Sunday, November 03, 2013

#LuthEd Twitter Chats

It has been a week since I returned from the LEA Convocation in Milwaukee (I shared my reflections about the conference here). As with most conferences, the excitement of new learning and the fellowship with colleagues ebbs when one returns to the realities of every day life in our respective ministries. However, there was a sense that something different was happening in Milwaukee -- that there was some momentum to create collaborative learning and project activities as professionals in Lutheran ministries.

To that end tomorrow evening, educators will engage in our first online Twitter chat specific to Lutheran education. We will join online at 9 PM Eastern time and use the hashtag #LuthEd to categorize our discussion. Tomorrow's discussion will be led by Dr. Bernard Bull of Concordia University Wisconsin, and the topic will be "Promoting Digital Collaboration in Lutheran Schools." Each week at the same Monday evening time slot we will discuss a new topic, sharing and collaborating along the way, adding value to the work and ministries of each other.

Won't you consider joining the conversations? See you on Twitter each Monday evening!

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